Calling all Wilmington Residents! We want to hear from you

Here at WCC we want to learn more about what we can do in the community. We want to hear about your experiences of lockdown, your views on Wilmington, and how we as a church can engage, support and serve you better.

Please click the button below to take you through the survey to begin answering the questions. Have your say and be a part of potentially shaping future community aspects within Wilmington!

How we are helping the community during the COVID-19 crisis

During this time of lockdown, we at WCC are offering services to our local Wilmington community; ready and able to help with things such as picking up shopping, prescriptions, a friendly phone call and many more. Please note that nothing is too small or “a bother”, for us to help with.

Check out the flyer below to find out how we can help you and how to get in touch:

Alternatively you can get in touch with us by filling in your details in the form below:

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