Liberty Children’s Home

Liberty Children’s Home is a UK based charity that supports the Indian “Liberty Children’s Home”, in the village of Chintalapudi, Andhra Pradesh. Pastor Hezekiah who runs the home, provides the children with food, clothes, medical care, books for school and a safe and secure living environment. The Home fully commits support to all of the children up until the time where they can support themselves. The Home can be best described as a large foster home, rather than an orphanage. Some of the children who live at the home are orphans, others come from single parent situations or from family situations where, due to long term sickness, the parents are not capable of taking sufficient care of their children. The Home can provide a respite period for the parents, if the parents recover from their illness, the children may return home or, when old enough, return home to support their parents. Two of our very own church family, Doug and Jeanette are trustees of the charity, running the finances and helping to fund the amazing work Liberty Children’s Home do with the children of Chintalapudi, Andhra Pradesh. Doug and Jeanette regularly visit the village to get to know the children of the home, understand how the Home is running and what the current needs are. The church provide Pastor Hezekiah with encouragement and support to help him continue the outstanding work he does in giving the children the opportunity to discover their potential, to dream big dreams about their future and help them to shape their own lives.

The Naisoya School Fund

The Harbour Ministries Sponsorship Fund was set up in 2003 following a visit to the Naisoya area in Kenya. The Fund grew quickly as people supported what was going on among the Maasai boys and girls. Since the beginning of the fund, four more nursery schools have been built. There are currently some 400 children receiving an elementary education for two years, which enables them to start state education. They are all provided with a midday meal, for many of them, that is the best meal of the day. The fund is supporting 13 teachers, five cooks and five water carriers. Several of the children who were sponsored originally have gone on to higher education and to universities. They are now employed in worthwhile jobs and are able to help in supporting their families, totally transforming their lives as a result of the sponsorship.

The Well Counselling Centre

The pressures of modern day life often mean that we get to the stage where we find it difficult to cope. When things get on top of us, it can be helpful to share the load with an understanding counsellor. The Well counselling centre offer a confidential counselling service in the area of dartford. The Wilmington Centre has been established for 25 years and has helped many people throughout this time. All of the Well’s counsellors are professionally trained and of the christian faith. They are ready to help you in a safe and non-judgmental way. For any enquires please contact: 01322 279 759.